Soundbites help you reach the people you want to influence. Al Upchurch, Senior Vice President at Marx Layne & Company, gives five key elements to producing memorable soundbites.

  1. An interview is worth nothing without your target messages. Make sure the soundbite conveys one of those messages.
  2. Be clear and concise. Complicated answers to questions may provide good background for the reporter, but it’s not a valuable soundbite.
  3. Use impactful language and imagery whenever possible. Your soundbite has to make the reporter take notice while grabbing the attention of viewers or readers.
  4. Preparation is essential. Quotable interviews rarely happen with answers that come off the top of your head. Spend the time necessary to develop soundbites for each of your important messages.
  5. No one excels at anything without practice. Make the soundbites easily remembered and practice delivering them. If you’re not comfortable saying it, revise it. When you speak to a reporter, nothing you say should sound rehearsed.

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