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For more than 30 years, storytelling has been at the core of our business. As distribution channels expand and media constantly evolves, Detroit-based public relations and digital marketing agency Marx Layne & Company has the knowledge base and skillset necessary to create compelling content designed to resonate with targeted audiences.

While the publication of print media has declined, online outlets have exponentially increased. Over half of today’s content consumers get their information from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. As the speed of fiber-optics and the move from 4G to 5G accelerates, the demand for quality content grows. We’ve expanded from an earned-media focus to one that combines print, radio and television media outreach with social media and owned media on websites, blogs and online distribution channels.

To integrate client messaging at this level, Marx Layne & Company has the digital savvy to exceed our clients’ expectations. The agency has been perfecting that discipline for decades, producing compelling content designed to attract the right audiences through the right channels. Our team consists of writers and editors, but we have added videographers, digital media designers, and professionals with social media, search engine optimization and content marketing expertise.

As a result, Marx Layne & Company continues to set the standard for tactical creation and distribution of owned media to complement earned media strategy.

An important strategic advantage that Marx Layne brings to our clients is the unparalleled ability to create content and to integrate that content over several marketing disciplines including media relations, social media, website management, and blogging, all working together, speaking with one unified voice.

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