Integrated Marketing

At Marx Layne & Company, we believe that a good public relations agency should lead the charge in directing all aspects of a highly visible and cost effective integrated marketing communications campaign. Our basic marketing principle lies in creating synergy; One voice speaking through various marketing strategies, each uniquely designed to help make a measurable impact-from enhancing brand equity and reputation to selling product, creating credibility, shaping public opinion, and solidifying relationships with consumers and stakeholders.

Clearly, today’s consumers are bombarded with a myriad of marketing messages-network and cable television, terrestrial and satellite radio, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, outdoor billboards, newsletters, direct mail, the list goes on and on. Fragmentation of the news media and the high cost of delivering a message through traditional advertising outlets demands creativity in delivering the right messages to the right audiences at the right time, all at the lowest cost. Trying to reach a targeted group through traditional advertising-which can include a plethora of media channels and literally dozens of market subsets-is expensive, and, ultimately ineffective.

At Marx Layne, we plan and launch communications campaigns that combine a multitude of marketing tactics that impact meaningful impressions on targeted audiences. Skillfully drawing upon a complete “toolbox” of marketing disciplines, we generate credibility, persuade audiences, reach stakeholders, sell product, shape opinion, and ultimately, “move the needle.”

Marx Layne & Company is skilled at launching and sustaining a brand through high profile media outreach to news assignment editors, producers, beat reporters, columnists and other targeted journalists. We further position the brand by utilizing a multiple of specialized disciplines, including: brochure and collateral development, announcements, newsletters, special events, Web-based marketing, direct mail, public and community affairs, and multi-media and video production.