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Health & Wellness PR and Marketing Communications Experts in Michigan

The health and wellness industry has experienced an unprecedented surge in growth, capturing the attention of consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs alike. This booming sector encompasses a diverse range of products and services, from fitness and nutrition to mental health and holistic well-being. Key drivers include:

Cultural Shift Towards Health-Conscious Lifestyles: A significant driver of the industry’s growth is the pervasive cultural shift towards health-conscious living. With an increasing awareness of the importance of preventive healthcare, individuals are proactively seeking ways to enhance their overall well-being. The rise of social media platforms and influencers promoting fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness has played a pivotal role in shaping a culture that prioritizes health and wellness.

Stressful Lifestyles and Mental Health Awareness: Modern lifestyles are often characterized by high levels of stress and a fast-paced environment. As mental health awareness gains prominence, individuals are seeking holistic approaches to manage stress, anxiety, and burnout. This has led to the emergence of wellness practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and stress-reduction techniques, contributing to the industry’s growth.

Technological Advancements and Digital Health: The integration of technology into the health and wellness landscape has opened new avenues for innovation. From fitness trackers and health apps to telemedicine and virtual wellness programs, technology has made health-related information and services more accessible. Consumers are increasingly adopting digital tools to monitor and improve their health, driving the industry’s expansion.

Preventive Healthcare and Longevity Focus: The health and wellness industry emphasize preventive healthcare over reactive approaches. Consumers are recognizing the value of investing in their health to prevent chronic illnesses and promote longevity. This shift towards proactive well-being has led to increased demand for nutritional supplements, fitness programs, and personalized health services.

Diverse and Specialized Offerings: The industry’s growth is fueled by its ability to cater to diverse consumer needs and preferences. From boutique fitness studios and organic food markets to specialized wellness retreats, there is a wide array of offerings to suit different lifestyles and interests. This diversity contributes to the industry’s resilience and widespread appeal.

Marx Layne offers senior counseling, insightful research, strategic communications, and grassroots marketing in every imaginable situation, including crisis communications, helping its clients make solid decisions and compelling, measurable campaigns that connect them with important audiences. We also are keenly aware of effectively leveraging social media and creating quality content that is actionable.

Our Health & Wellness PR work takes an integrated approach to include digital media, earned media, content development, social media, reputation management, special events, paid online media, and business-to-business direct marketing campaigns. Traditional advertising, branding and design, and web development, also are within our core competencies so Marx Layne can serve as a centralize providers for all your marketing, PR, and branding needs.

What We Do


Media Relations

With the goal of securing high-profile media coverage by business, lifestyle and health care writers in local TV, print, radio and online outlets as well as by bloggers and trade media, we will conceptualize and orchestrate an aggressive earned media campaign designed to create awareness and excitement. We will personalize news angles to each news outlet and reporter to generate interest from meaningful media outlets.

Market Introduction and General Awareness

Marx Layne & Company skillfully provides the following:

  • Media relations
  • Grand Openings
  • Online Content and Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public Affairs and Community Relations
  • Reputation Management and Crisis Communications

Special Events

Marx Layne is retained by leading special event organizers to manage all aspects of communications from media relations to social media to web management.

Our agency has years of experience fully staffing events with veteran communicators and generating high-profile visibility in both traditional and digital media. In our work for leading special events, we have a proven track record of building audience and increasing sponsorship visibility. For all events, we maximize media relations, create e-campaigns, and amplify and engage through social media.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media strategy begins with our genuine understanding of area residents, elected officials, planning commissions, media outlets and community leaders in Michigan. Once desired positioning and priorities are identified, we all align with target audiences through content to establish authentic connections.

 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Assist in maintaining and updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages by:

  • Organically grow reach and engagement with targeted groups such as municipal leaders, media and area residents
  • Develop scalable, repeatable and shareworthy content franchises that appeal to target audiences while keeping your company top-of-mind
  • Connecting with key publications, groups and reporters who cover the industry
  • Creating a cohesive look and text
  • Pursuing cross promotional opportunities
  • Posting news release and placements
  • Monitoring pages for messages, comments or inquiries and opportunities to respond
  • Research possible advertising opportunities

Digital Marketing

Marx Layne & Company’s Digital Marketing team specializes in SEO, Pay-Per-Click,
Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Development and Creative Services.

  • Managed SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Creative Services

Crisis Communications

Effective damage control communications require a public relations firm on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that can develop key messages and produce reliable internal and external corporate communications. At Marx Layne, we know how to communicate with legal advisors, municipal and civic leaders.

As your public relations agency, Marx Layne would work to properly manage any crisis. We are flexible and can quickly shift priorities into “crisis mode” as situations arise. At Marx Layne, we stand ready to provide crisis communications counsel on an as-needed basis.



The Marx Layne Detroit-based PR team are seasoned, media savvy experts with wide-ranging experience working with the news media and other key audiences within the health & wellness sector. Our professionals have a keen understanding of how the industry works and knows best how to help increase overall awareness and solidify and protect brand reputation. From the media, customers and suppliers, to employees, industry analysts and influencers, elected officials and others, we are well-versed in helping health & wellness-related businesses communicate.

Szudarek counsels clients in the automotive, technology and professional services industries, among others. He is directly responsible for directing a broad range of marketing communications, media relations, reputation management, expert positioning and strategic guidance activities for a broad range of clients in both the consumer and B2B market segments. Szudarek brings a unique understanding of the complexities of engineering and product development, management, and public policy and regulatory affairs, combined with the communications skills and relationships to deliver strategic programs.

Specific highlights include:

  • Public relations and marketing communications advisory services to two Chinese automakers related to increased North American visibility
  • Media affairs and communication strategy services within the automotive telematics sector for two of the world’s most recognizable brands
  • Media relations and marketing communications services for numerous automotive component suppliers—both consumer and B2B
  • Public relations counsel and day-to-day marketing communications for a premium European automaker

Prior to joining Marx Layne in 1998, Szudarek worked for another metropolitan Detroit area public relations agency, where his efforts were focused primarily in servicing a number of automotive suppliers in implementing marketing communication programs for use throughout North America. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Wayne State University. He holds membership in the Automotive Press Association as well as other public and private board positions.

Lana Mini is a veteran print and digital media journalist and editor with more than 20 years of experience covering local and national news, business and human-interest stories. Prior to joining Marx Layne & Company, Mini served as a full-time writer and editor with Gannett Newspapers, Inc. (Detroit Free Press and Observer & Eccentric Newspapers) and a journalist with Digital First Media (Macomb Daily, Oakland Press, Press & Guide). Her news coverage of state government and general interest stories – including environmental stories surrounding the Great Lakes — earned her numerous awards by the Michigan Press Association and Society of Professional Journalists.

Mini also has worked in the nonprofit sector as a public relations coordinator and social media writer, creating content that attracted positive community engagement. Through her deep relationships in newsrooms throughout the region, combined with years of journalistic experience, Mini has a keen understanding of what the news editors and readers want, which lands her clients the positive media coverage they need to increase brand awareness.

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