Public Affairs and Grassroots Marketing

At Marx Layne, our team of communicators work with professional groups, trade associations, consumer coalitions and neighborhood organizations on advocacy campaigns that generate public support, media attention and action by elected officials.

Our teams customize high-impact strategies to spread a client’s message and influence opinion on municipal or countywide issues such as land use, tax abatements, special permits and other policy decisions. Similar approaches are applied to statewide ballot initiatives, regulatory reviews and legislative bills. Lobbying firms routinely enlist communication specialists on our staff to reinforce their Lansing efforts by generating news coverage, opinion page commentaries, expert testimony, research studies, talk show appearances and constituent messages.

Our account executives whose careers began in journalism and legislative relations arrange press conferences, editorial board presentations, town meetings, broadcast interviews, participation in forums, speaking invitations, guest columns, letters to the editor, direct mail outreach and training for spokespeople. “Earned media” placements are cultivated through established relationships with Michigan ‘s metropolitan dailies, as well as at community newspapers throughout both peninsulas. As an established, respected agency involved with high-profile issues, we have credibility and respect that gains access to producers, news directors, editors and reporters.

Those contacts are supplemented with print and broadcast advertising campaigns developed and implemented by the same Marx Layne & Co. teams, resulting in a coordinated message that is designed to yield results.

High-recognition advocacy presentations typically involve creating a website that is mentioned in ads, articles, flyers and information kits. Our in-house writing, design and information technology specialists can develop an Internet presence in less than a week, providing customized content, attractive graphics and the ability for visitors to send messages directly to local elected officials with one click.

Social media pages and toll-free phone lines are another effective way to generate feedback and apply it for political impact.

We have harnessed these strategies to influence the outcome of front-page issues. Most important, we can leverage any budget for maximum attention.

Whether the forum is a local zoning board, a county planning agency, a statewide ballot initiative or a bill introduction, our Public Affairs practice team will assure that your messages reach and persuade the right audiences.

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