Building Websites & Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Your website is your digital storefront. It should make a great first impression.

At Marx Layne, we can help you create the online presence you need to draw in new customers and strengthen your relationships with existing ones.

Our areas of digital and social media expertise include:

  • Graphic design: We help our clients design and create visually appealing, content-rich digital communication platforms.
  • Content generation and marketing: We produce and co-produce quality content and relevant, sharable social messaging, for the purpose of engaging and persuading current and potential consumer audiences and key stakeholders.
  • Email marketing campaigns: We assist and counsel on integrating email marketing, design and copy in an overall communications strategy.
  • Video content: We have invested in in-house video production to help clients make the most of visual tools in digital media.
  • Analytics: We dig deep into data to help our clients gain a better understanding of the behavior of their constituents.
  • Search engine optimization: We understand the ranking factors that increase website performance in organic search, to counsel clients on how keywords and content work together to gain maximum visibility.
  • Targeted Display: We target a custom audience in a relevant location with animated Display (banner) advertising on websites and apps.
  • Mobile Location Targeting: We target an audience based on their precise location with programmatic display advertising. Campaigns are based on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model.
  • Google Ads: We strategize based on our clients’ goals to help them reach the largest possible audience.
  • Social Ads: Social advertising targets social media users browsing content on FacebookMessenger, and Instagram using first-party demographic targeting in a relevant location
  • YouTube: YouTube advertising allows us to target a custom audience in a relevant location on YouTube. A YouTube view is counted when someone watches a complete ad making this a very effective video content strategy.
  • Connected TV: Connected TV (CTV) to target a streaming audience watching premium network content – on a television screen – in a relevant location.
  • OTT: We utilize Over-the-Top (OTT) to target a streaming audience watching premium network content – on any device – in a relevant location.
  • Streaming Audio: Streaming audio allows us to target a streaming audience listening to the audio content in a relevant location.
  • Pre-Roll Video: Video pre-roll allows us to target a streaming audience in a relevant location with programmatic advertising on the open web.
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“Since 2012 Bayview Yacht Club has counted on Marx Layne to be a trusted partner and provide public relations and marketing for the Bayview Mackinac Race and other regattas the club hosts. We count on them to deliver high level planning and media coverage for the race and our sponsors, and they have not let us down.

The Marx Layne team is able to dig through dozens and dozens of stories each year to find the ones that will resonate in the media and in the public, helping to elevate the Club and Race locally and on a national level. They are a valuable partner to the Race, sponsors and the sailing community.”