Environmental Public Relations

environmentalThe environment has never been more in the spotlight. At Marx Layne, our experts recognize that growing environmental awareness is placing pressure on organizations, companies and governments to be linked directly to the ideas of sustainability and responsibility. Public opinion is now highly sensitive and aware about the link between pollution, waste, food contamination, water loss and future quality of life. This public awareness is impacting political decisions. All of this is changing the way companies and organizations do business, interact with the public and maintain their reputations.

Today, as companies, organizations and governments pledge to “go green,” environmental issues must be considered and addressed in their communications plans. Entities cannot downplay the public’s collective embrace of these concerns, and how these issues impact their standing in the community and in the media. A comprehensive environmental public relations initiative includes analyzing the public’s view of the entity’s commitment, developing plans for possible reputation management, and being proactive in the pursuit about the positive impact their sustainability programs might have on the environment/community.

Marx Layne has helped organizations achieve significant results in the environmental sector.

As an example of our work, Marx Layne worked for several years with one of the world’s largest paper recycling companies in developing a proactive media outreach campaign to generate awareness, increase tonnage and increase demand for their services at the local community, regional level and on a national scale. Our team worked on a daily basis in more than 20 major markets across the United States and Canada while performing proactive media outreach.

Beyond initiating a successful proactive media outreach campaign, Marx Layne helped counsel and develop award-winning marketing and collateral materials for this organization to expand the breadth of its services, including coordinating and developing trade show participation, presence and materials. Additionally, our experts provided valuable counsel that helped save the reputation of the company when it had to deal with environmental discharges, market withdrawals, accidents and tragedy.

Our work provided tangible results resulting in more than 150 million media impressions. That’s equivalent to handing out your company brochure to 150 million people!

Our experts have helped organizations with communications counsel and services in the following fields:

  • Underground construction
  • Hazmat responders
  • Environmental remediation
  • Energy distributors and suppliers
  • Fuel manufacturer/processor
  • Injection well
  • Waste incinerator
  • Chemical manufacturer
  • Waste hauler
  • Landfill
  • Building products manufacturer
  • Bridge owner and operator
  • Construction company and contractor
  • Building management
  • Landscape
  • Developer
  • Road and freeway maintenance
  • Medical facility
  • Fleet operation
  • Small and private business
  • OEM
  • Tier One supplier
  • Recycler
  • Governmental entity
  • Power plant
  • Agricultural
  • Planning and zoning committee
  • DDA
  • Community organization


Our team consists of experienced, top-tier professionals including former journalists, corporate communicators and crisis communications specialists.

Here’s what we do…

  • Develop and disseminate your key messages to targeted audiences
  • Provide media training to key personnel, including executives and your sales force so you speak with one voice
  • Explain complex problems in a simple manner to a skeptical public
  • Assist in managing environmental challenges
  • Develop media campaigns that raise awareness and create third-party endorsement of you and your product/service
  • Develop community support of projects and goals
  • Provide reputation support
  • Engage in crisis communications support

If you are an environmental company, have an environmental issue, or are an alternative energy company, Marx Layne can help you achieve results that positively impact your bottom line.

Give us a call at 248-855-6777 or contact us today.

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Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) greatly enjoys a beneficial partnership with Marx Layne & Company. Its dedicated and responsive team has become an extension of ours. They have done an outstanding job elevating awareness about our life-changing and supportive programs and fundraising initiatives that positively impact the lives of our community’s most vulnerable neighbors. Personally, as the president and CEO of a nonprofit organization, it is important for me to be visible before our key audiences. Marx Layne has been instrumental in ensuring that my position is highlighted through diverse media opportunities and also by positioning me for awards such as the Detroit Free Press’ 2014 Shining Light Eleanor Josaitis Unsung Hero Award. From helping to coordinate the groundbreaking and ribbon cutting ceremony for the NSO Bell Building project to securing media attendance at press conferences and other events, writing and designing informative and visually stunning newsletters and more, Marx Layne truly has been a blessing and true partner to NSO.

Sheilah P. Clay President and CEO, Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO)

The Southwest Detroit Business Association has relied on the professional services of Marx Layne & Company for the past eight years. We have also called upon them for counsel when other community leaders have come to us for advice. That kind of public relations support requires a solid understanding of our mission and the diverse stakeholders we proudly serve. Their team of industry professionals has the knowledge, expertise and relationships that help us meet and exceed our communications goals.

Marx Layne has expertise with many industries.