Social Responsibility

At Marx Layne & Company, our commitment to social responsibility extends well beyond the service that we provide to our clients. We are fortunate to enjoy working with wonderful clients and the best people in the business.

We are an organization that firmly believes our success is based upon the integrity that we demonstrate throughout the entire community.

We are dedicated to supporting community organizations that provide critical services to help our neighbors. Over the years, we have made a variety of contributions ranging from pro-bono public relations service and monetary donations to adopting families during the holidays and serving food to those in need.

Because we appreciate our good fortune, it has been a Marx Layne custom to not lose sight of those in need and to give back to the communities in which we do business. The Marx Layne team has rolled up their sleeves and prepared lunches and dinners at homeless shelters, donated clothing and goods to the needy, given toys to children, and played ball with youth who have been removed from their households.

Once per quarter our social responsibility committee selects an activity in which we, as an agency, can give our time, financial help and care.

Some of the organizations that we have supported include Freedom House Detroit and Grace Centers of Hope. While we are fortunate to have wonderful corporate clients in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, we never lose sight of those in need.