Energy Public Relations Detroit, MI

windmills_on_hillThe ever-changing energy marketplace continues to create significant opportunities for power providers. Increasing environmental concerns and growing competition have required reevaluation in not only operating plans, but communications strategies as well.

Marx Layne & Company’s experienced energy professionals plan and develop energy industry public relations strategies that are customized to specific needs and markets.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, our team of veteran communications professionals works closely with clients to implement effective marketing communication, public affairs, media and community relations and reputation management strategies and to successfully navigate detailed policy debates involving site locations, industry restructuring, and environmental concerns. We have a successful track record of providing successful campaigns with a number of newly created, emerging entities, including alternative energy providers and technology companies.

Professionally Managed Communication Strategies Specifically Tailored To The Energy Sector

renewable-energy-standardAs the ever-increasing competitive environment continues to bring change and new sets of business concerns, it also requires communications strategies that specifically address issues such as operational constraints, zoning and location obstacles, mergers and acquisitions, and rising customer expectations. Marx Layne & Company has more than 20 years experience in grassroots community relations, public hearings and policy development, as well as site location and zoning approvals.

Traditional marketing communication campaigns for both start-up providers, as well as mature business entities, can include the following tactics:

  • Interview opportunities, news releases and press conferences with traditional news media, as well as online and one-on-one engagement with key influencers
  • Preparation and development of a vast array of editorial content for both traditional, trade and online news media outreach, as well as self published controlled communication
  • Executive speech writing, influencer engagement and preparation, public hearing content development, and message training
  • Traditional marketing collateral, such as brochures, white papers and digital media self publishing that showcase client specialties in cogent and compelling formats
  • Identity and reputation management services such as message development and dissemination, videos and presentation displays, Web site design and content, internal communications, brokered invitations to industry forums or community discussions, and brand reinforcement through consistent visual “signatures.”

Marx Layne & Co. is proud to assist the progress of pioneering companies that help protect the environment, bolster economic competitiveness, and move America toward energy independence.

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