April 24, 2024
Written by Michael Szudarek

Tucked deep inside the gigantic $95 billion national security package that the president just signed is a key provision that could ban TikTok unless it’s sold (*sold after the November ’24 election). The bill gives ByteDance nine-months to get rid of ownership, with a one-time option to extend another 90-days (bringing the total to one year). TikTok will most certainly file legal action and this will likely be caught up in the courts for years to come.
Marketers should definitely pay attention to this, however, as it could significantly impact marketing strategies, especially if you’re heavily invested in the platform. TikTok has become a powerhouse for reaching younger demographics and creating engaging content. If TikTok is actually banned in certain regions, marketers would need to adapt their strategies to reach those audiences through other platforms or channels. At the same time, it might create opportunities for other platforms to fill the void. The social landscape is always evolving so remember to stay on top of trends and keep an eye out for other emerging platforms.