Although it may sound trite, the best advice for any business is to expect and prepare for the unexpected.  As crisis communications experts, Marx Layne, a Detroit area public relations agency, is regularly engaged by clients locally and nationally to help them anticipate and prepare communications strategies in advance of any conceivable crisis.

One recent takeaway is the crisis you get that you never planned for, or, in your wildest dreams imagined.  For example, a Wendy’s employee in a restaurant just north of Grand Rapids, Michigan hopped into the kitchen sink, took a bath and had the spectacle video-taped and splashed across social media by a fellow employee.

The video escapade went viral and was picked up by print and broadcast media nationwide.  Not good for business.

The Wendy’s franchise owner fired all the employees who took part in the incident and issued a statement which said, “This egregious behavior is completely unacceptable and counter to our safety, training and operational standards.” Ya think?

At Marx Layne, we work closely with clients to anticipate all kinds of possible crisis scenarios.  We have to admit, this one never crossed our radar.

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