Mark Zuckerberg recently mentioned that current traffic on social media is outpacing New Year’s Eve night, traditionally the busiest day for all social media platforms.

It’s not surprising as “shelter-at-home” policies and mandated shutdowns take place, folks are browsing their computers, phones and tablets more than ever to keep in contact, get information and just to entertain themselves.

Besides the anxiety and health risk that the Coronavirus pandemic is causing, there has also been a lot of business attrition. Unfortunately, many businesses have had to temporarily – and perhaps permanently – shutter their doors.

For those businesses that are either considered “essential” or are able to work around the social distancing controls through remote workplaces, engaging with the public through social media has never been more important.

Whether a business needs to convey to its customers, clients or potential clients its product and service news or just to let them know they are open for business and how — now is the time to engage via social media to do so.

Let’s get posting. We are here to help.

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