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On a beautiful 400-acre campus in Oakland County Michigan, Rose Hill offers transformative, integrated recovery plans designed to help individuals, 18 and over, overcome symptoms of mental health disorders. One employee shares how overcoming his own struggles helps him relate to and give hope to those in the residential program. Those interested in the programs or in working at Rose Hill Center can get more info here: https://www.rosehillcenter.org

WXYZ | June 6, 2021

HOLLY, MICHIGAN (WXYZ) — As one of the nation’s leading residential rehabilitation mental health treatment centers for adults, Rose Hill Center in Holly, Michigan offers comprehensive psychiatric treatment and residential rehabilitation on 400 peaceful and serene acres.

A healing, pastoral environment with caring and experienced staff, effective therapeutic modalities including group and individual therapy, and responsible medication management. Among the various treatments include Horticulture and the animal care program to help in healing. To learn more about Rose Hill, visit rosehillcenter.org.

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