Project Description



StradVision, an AI-based vision processing startup that provides software to Tier 1s and OEMs developing ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles, needed a high-quality promotional video created in a tight time frame for an event with potential investors, which would tell the story of what their company offers in just two minutes.


StradVision had multiple short video clips that told part of their story, but needed to create a cohesive package that would tell their full story in an attractive and clear way to potential investors and partners. Marx Layne & Company’s video production capabilities allowed them to develop a powerful sales piece that has a long shelf life.


Marx Layne first went to work on a tight, clear script that told the highly technical story of StradVision in language that everyone could understand. Then, video clips were chosen that best represented the work StradVision is doing. From there, our experienced video team took the reins.


With a tight schedule of less than one week to complete the video for the client, Marx Layne’s expert team went to work at a rapid pace, finalizing a storyboard, creating graphics to illustrate StradVision’s capabilities, choosing a quality voiceover, and adding appropriate music.


Within four business days, Marx Layne went from conceptual discussions to a completed and highly professional two-minute video that was delivered to StradVision, for use at their event. The video is also available to them for use in future partner meetings, offering a clear, concise message about what they can offer to the companies leading the autonomous vehicle revolution.