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Faygo has been a beloved national brand for over 100 years, delighting young and old alike with its signature flavors, such as Red Pop and Rock & Rye. It also continues to introduce new flavors such as its brand-new offering, Firework that tastes like a popsicle in a bottle. 

Faygo Beverages has been known to stay relevant in the competitive beverage market. Because the company regularly introduces new flavors and engages very loyal consumers with fun interaction, the brand continues to stay strong after being around after 115 years. 

Marx Layne has been honored to serve as Faygo’s public relations agency for the past several years, creating a media frenzy when new flavors are launched by engaging directly with media personalities who love the fun of Faygo. 

Marx Layne’s media campaign for the soda pop company is to leverage Faygo’s strong brand identity, elevate new flavor awareness and build on its reputation in the cultural landscape, not only in its Detroit hometown, but nationwide. When Faygo’s Firework flavor was launched in 2021, it was right during the pandemic. Marx Layne launched a media relations campaign that included delivering the new soda flavor to the homes of key journalists working from home, asking them to taste and review the soda on air and give their opinions in real time. The taste, we said, would be the flavor of summer. 

Marx Layne garnered so much media attention for Faygo Firework that the media actually reported on the media hype. Because of it, Firework exploded off the shelves, creating a national bidding war on eBay with bottles going for ten times regular retail prices – and that receiving national media coverage as well. 

During the time Firework was fresh in the public eye, Faygo’s Original Orange soda was prominently featured in singer Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” video, where you can clearly see Eilish and friends drinking Faygo – and see that her kitchen counter is fully stocked with Orange soda. 

Marx Layne reached out to Eilish’s management, who immediately confirmed Faygo was placed in the video at the direct orders of Eilish who adores the brand. As a thank you for her product placement, Marx Layne asked management if they could send swag to the Grammy winning singer. Her team didn’t hesitate and provided Marx Layne direct contact to Eilish so Faygo could send the swag. 

Eilish’s video now has more than 84 million views on YouTube. Marx Layne continues to help Faygo Beverages with top media placement. Marx Layne has been instrumental in getting Faygo local and national media coverage whenever the company launches a new flavor or marketing initiative, resulting in increased brand awareness and sold-out new flavors. 

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