New Home Features: What Today’s Buyers Covet MostAs the nation continues to see lower-interest rates, buyers have more ability to build a luxury home from the ground up – having their choice on every amenity. 


Styles evolve every decade or so and developers design homes to suit the needs of one important opinion: the buyer. 

What amenities and features are most in demand and what is up-and-coming in homes right now?  What do buyers really want in a home? 


Some features may be obvious: shiny hardwood floors continue to skyrocket in popularity. The National Association of Realtors 2019 Remodeling Impact Report said new wood flooring remains in the top 10 list of desires for buyers. Complete gourmet kitchens rank number one followed by modern master bathrooms with a spa-tub. 


New Home Features: What Today’s Buyers Covet MostMost popular features in a home initially start as “wishes,” but over the years become “must haves.” 


“The stay at home orders of last year accelerated the demands of what buyers were already moving toward,” said Matt DeLapp, general manager of Singh Homes, a luxury home builder based in West Bloomfield. “Specifically, the need for flexible spaces. Multiple home offices were already becoming more popular in new builds, but Covid-19 restrictions turned it into a demand that is here to stay as the need for school study and work from home spaces became a stark necessity. 


Flexible space on each level, can transform into guest room space, play rooms, office, school space, yoga room, gaming area, play rooms,  Delapp said. 


Singh’s luxury development at Charleston Park in South Lyon was designed to suit today’s family needs with designs that rapidly evolved to the lockdown.  


New Home Features: What Today’s Buyers Covet Most“A good developer listens to the current demands of buyers, and has the perspective to understand which amenities are short lived trends and which are here for the long haul,” DeLapp said. 


For example, a multi-generational suite – designed to provide space for multiple generations to live together in the same home – is an option that continues to grow as Baby Boomers age. Having a home where parents can live independently in their own spacious suite – with their own bathroom, kitchen, and living space is important to many. DeLapp said Quick Delivery Luxury is also growing in importance as inventory in the resale market remains limited. 


New Home Features: What Today’s Buyers Covet Most“People don’t want to wait to have a new home built to their desires. They are busy and want a seamless move,” DeLapp said. “We see this in our program that builds quick luxury homes that are move-in ready and packed with today’s important amenities:  luxury master suites with fireplaces, solid hardwood throughout, wired alarms and speaker systems, bonus lofts upstairs. Today there isn’t a need to compromise what you want, even if you are in a hurry to move.” 


The brand new  Preston, and the Upton, both colonials, in South Lyon, are Singh’s newest homes designed with that, and more, in mind.  


New Home Features: What Today’s Buyers Covet MostSocial island configurations in the kitchen, walk-in pantry, large gourmet kitchens with large cabinets, pocket offices, elite master suites with luxury showers are standard features because homeowners demand them, DeLapp said. 


Stylish laundry rooms, larger garages to include storage space and master walk-in closets are no longer on the list of features that buyers are willing to give up.  On the exterior, home buyers want natural colors that blend beautifully with Michigan’s natural landscapes. 


“Smart home features for energy efficiency, safety and security, and entertainment systems are desired items and sooner rather than later will evolve into must-haves,” DeLapp said. “In the end, every amenity is about the home buyer  living a  better life. That, in our opinion, is a must-have that a buyer should never compromise.”