The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is in full-gear at Cobo Center in Detroit. For the 2018 show, autonomous vehicle technology is in the driver’s seat, moving the auto industry into the future.

As the auto industry goes through a massive shift toward increased autonomous technology in the cars we drive, NAIAS attendees are seeing more displays related to this tech and how it will shape the future.

A key component automotive companies are focusing on is safety for drivers and passengers in a self-driving future. This focus is on full display during the Techstar’s AutoMobili-D competition at this year’s NAIAS.

Safety Advances On Display

One of the company’s showcasing their technology related to autonomous vehicles and automotive safety is NERVTeh. The Slovenia-based company specializes in simulation technologies that test drivers in critical response situations. This includes testing reaction times during emergencies and using that data to inform the artificial intelligence (AI) used for autonomous cars.

NERVTeh's simulator provides emergency response data for autonomous vehicle technology.

NERVTeh’s simulator on display at 2018 NAIAS

Their pioneering work focuses on auto safety through affordable, advanced driving simulators based around autonomous vehicles and AI.

With a focus on self-driving cars and with auto accidents still a serious threat on the road, simulators from companies like NERVTeh offer safer, risk-free environments to see how humans respond to dangers on the open road. Through this technology, we can learn more about how people react in critical situations and offer drivers’ greater training before getting behind the wheel of a car. The data is also being used to inform how autonomous vehicles react to these scenarios on the road.

NERVTeh’s safety advances will be on full display Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 2:30 p.m. during the Safety Solutions portion of the AutoMobili-D Competition at NAIAS. They’ll be competing with other start-ups focused on collision avoidance and emergency response in front of a dignified panel of judges, including Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and automotive venture capitalists.

Autoline Detroit host John McElroy at the NERVTeh simulator at NAIAS

Autoline Detroit host John McElroy at the NERVTeh simulator at NAIAS

On Monday, NERVTeh was already starting to make an impression on NAIAS attendees. Autoline Detroit host John McElroy made a visit to their exhibit to test out the simulator for himself.

NERVTeh is helping to answer important questions related the safety of autonomous vehicles for drivers and passengers. Technology that helps inform how these vehicles operate is vitally important as the auto industry continues its evolution.