At Marx Layne & Company, we know the importance of understanding your target audience to most concisely and effectively deliver your message. If your marketing campaign seeks to reach Michigan’s vibrant Hispanic market, it is wise to have a strong insight about the many news outlets—from community newspapers and online channels to radio stations and TV shows and programs—that reach local Hispanic consumers.

The Hispanic media landscape in metro Detroit is about to get new and exciting additions. In 2016, La Z 1310 AM became Detroit’s first full signal Hispanic radio station airing 24 hours of local and syndicated Spanish language programming that includes a morning show with nationally recognized talent. The Regional Mexican format is a mixture of various genres of music, including Norteño, Banda, Grupero, Corridos and Ranchera. This summer, La Z will launch its sister FM station in Detroit with more Spanish language programming, having a greater listening reach to local Hispanic consumers.

And, a new Hispanic media partnership will soon unite four widely recognized metro Detroit news outlets. Once joined together, the partnership will have the largest consumer reach in the local Hispanic market, surpassing local competitors. Details about the forthcoming partnership, including its improved advertising and local news coverage opportunities will be shared in an upcoming press release that Marx Layne & Company will distribute in the coming weeks.

For more information about Marx Layne’s work within the local Hispanic community and how you can amplify your organization’s message in a meaningful and engaging way, please contact Michael Odom, Vice President at Marx Layne via 248-855-6777, ext. 121 or email