After an extremely successful debut event in 2018 for the Financial Times’ Future of the Car Summit USA, Marx Layne & Company is excited to announce it will be returning as a promotional partner for the Financial Times’ Future of the Car Summit USA 2019.

More than 150 of the top automotive industry influencers from across the industry will get together for a spirited discussion on October 29, 2019, and Marx Layne will work in tandem with the Financial Times to promote this exciting and informative gathering.

This event, which first expanded to the United States in 2018 after a four-year-run in London, brings together senior auto-industry executives, innovators and influencers, plus the automotive media, for an in-depth discussion of industry trends and what is to come. It will dive deep into the opportunities and challenges facing the industry as technology changes at a record pace and companies work hard to keep up with the rapid advancement.


The summit will offer insights that can only be found when the brightest minds in the automotive business get together to discuss how the changes in mobility that are coming will affect not only the auto industry itself, but also the general public. Topics will include:

  • As urban mobility is transformed by autonomy and connectivity, how will cars fit into the picture?
  • What are the environmental challenges, how is consumer demand changing, and how do we increase diversity?
  • As new types of car are introduced, how will production lines and supply chains be updated?
  • How will increased durability and longevity of self-driving vehicles affect business models?

Marx Layne specializes in the promotion of special events and has a long-standing relationship with the automotive community. To learn more about how Marx Layne can help you promote your automotive company or automotive special event, visit here.

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