At Marx Layne Public Relations & Digital Media, we frequently meet with clients, including  attorneys , accountants, architects and engineers accustomed to public speaking, who may not see the benefit of media training.

While these highly articulate clients may be effective addressing a court, or a group of colleagues, speaking to the media requires a different skill set. Some of the reasons media training can benefit even the most seasoned public speakers include:

  1. Avoiding the wormhole: Those who are very knowledgeable in their field, such as a trial attorney, may speak about intricacies of the law that may help in a court case, but is not of interest to the media. Avoiding jargon and ultra-specific details on a subject will be helpful in a media interview. Reporters want to talk about what may interest their readers, listeners and viewers.
  2. Softening the message. Sometimes those with a particular perspective are very effective in advocating their position, but it may come across as overly aggressive or angry to the general public. Media training can help get messages across in a way that is more welcome the average media consumer.
  3. Listening. Professionals who do a lot of public speaking have practiced commentary, which makes for effective presentations. Sometimes, however, reporters ask questions that are not part of the usual “script.” Learning to listen to the reporters interests and then how to incorporate key messages is vital in a media interview.
  4. The tools of the trade. Even the most seasoned speaker may not be used to having a camera in their face, or going live on the air without a script. Getting used to thinking on your feet in a pressurized situation takes practice.

Professionals who are comfortable speaking in public certainly have the advantage over the average citizen when it comes to successful media interviews. However, media training is more than public speaking and teaches skills that help professionals become accomplished interview subjects.

Marx Layne Public Relations & Digital Media is the top public relations firm offering media training services to clients locally, regionally, and worldwide.  Dedicated media training and message development sessions are conducted on site or via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  To schedule addressing your organization’s specific needs, email or call 248 855-6777