Innovations in telehealth for seniorsSenior care revolves around communication – digital, telemedicine, AI. How we communicate as we age will improve the quality of life for seniors and family members.

At Marx Layne & Company, a Detroit area based public relations and digital agency, we actively work with clients in the elder care sector, including senior communities, from active living to nursing homes.

A revolution in senior care is taking place. The senior home care market is expected to expand to over $225 billion nationwide in the next few years, according to industry sources. At the same time, it’s been said there’s no way enough homes can be built and staffed to serve the pending “silver tsunami.”

One key to servicing our growing elderly population is ubiquitous, omnipresent and intelligent monitoring technology that doesn’t interfere with daily living and does not ask anything of seniors. Companies are offering an array of services and products, a complete comprehensive continuum of care from online therapy to real time in-home monitoring. Smart homes for seniors will be trending in the future, featuring health care monitoring equipment connected to AI.

Innovations in telehealth and virtual care for seniors will continue to help deliver better care and save money. Technology will continue to play a major role in revolutionizing care across this market with senior friendly tech.