The health and wellness industry sector is growing for several reasons:  People are becoming more conscious of the well-being and are taking greater responsibility for their health. As the populations ages, there is a greater focus on living longer, healthier lives.  There is also a shift towards holistic health.

Health and wellness products benefit greatly from the services of an experienced public relations firm with deep industry specific knowledge.  At Marx Layne Public Relations and Digital Media our team works to help position health and wellness products in the market.  Through strategic messaging and communication, we can build a strong brand image that resonates with targeted audiences.

Our experienced communicators have established relationships with key print, broadcast, online and trade media journalists within the health and wellness industry. We leverage our relationships to favorably position our clients in relevant publications, blogs, podcasts, and radio/tv shows.   We also have a deep understanding of influential figures within the health and wellness industry.  We identify key influencers, thought leaders and experts who align with our clients’ brand values and product offerings.  Additionally, we are first and foremost excellent content creators that educates and engages targeted audiences.  Our full-service public relations firms draft press releases, blog posts, social media content and web content.

Needless to say, in the event of any negative publicity or crisis, our experienced public relations firm provides guidance and expertise in managing the situation effectively.  Lastly, at Marx Layne, we have assisted in organizing and promoting special events related to health and wellness products.  This includes product launches, trade show, grand openings that can attract media coverage and engage consumers.

Michael Layne is President of Detroit-based Marx Layne, a full-service Public Relations and Digital Media Firm serving the health and wellness industry sector nationwide. Clients include national brands, products and retailers.