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Social Media Content Development

Detroit Social Media StrategyAt Marx Layne & Company, our primary responsibility on behalf of our clients is to help them define and convey their messaging in the most concise and compelling manner. We see it as our job to be able to express our clients’ brands as effectively as their chief executives. As a result, we have a deep understanding of our clients’ consumers and key constituencies, and skillfully craft and manage messaging through a broad range of social media platforms.

Our clients are proactively positioned before their stakeholders who expect sincere, responsive and direct engagement. Our team of social media experts are highly skilled at managing the two-way dialogue, establishing authentic connections and ultimately shifting behavior to allow a company to become a brand hero.

Importantly, we create compelling content that resonates with targeted audiences including written content as well as highly creative photography and short videography.

Our sophisticated digital analytics enable us to, in real-time, stay on top of the online conversation, delivering insights to our clients that help them manage their brand, understand the competition and track industry trends. Our state-of-the-digital industry resources enable us to provide advanced analytics and reporting – demonstrating the R.O.I. of social media performance as well as the competitive landscape. Our digital search capabilities allow Marx Layne to provide clients with user-centric, real-time reporting.

To help our clients have a strong social media presence, our team is highly skilled at generating social media advertising campaigns to reach target audiences utilizing sophisticated tracking capabilities. Our campaigns are designed to help clients reach ideal consumers based on geography, demography and other traits. Our social media advertising campaigns for clients include platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Significantly, we help our clients choose the most effective social media platforms, determine budgets and tailor messaging.

At Marx Layne, we strongly believe that social media campaigns should not live in a silo separate from other synergistic marketing disciplines. Our unique value proposition is the ability to successfully control the social media dialogue while integrating the conversation with high-profile media relations and website management.

Our value proposition

Public relations professionals have long been responsible for managing the dialogue between organizations and the public. When we added digital media to our tool belt, the result was powerful and seamless integration of client campaigns with media strategy.

Communication trends are constantly developing, and public relations firms have emerged as the trendsetters and experts. We counsel our clients allowing them to prepare for and embrace changes while comprehending the underlying behavior that propels new trends.

Since 1987, public relations and digital marketing firm Marx Layne & Company has served publicly and privately held companies and non-profit agencies, developing and defining their messaging and message delivery. All the while, the firm has continued to offer a consistent value proposition: results-driven creative communication that works in harmony across channels, no matter which platforms are available and emerging.

Speaking in one voice: Yours

Because we grasp the very DNA of their businesses and industries, our clients trust us to integrate social media into all channels in a unified voice, speaking the language specific to their industries while fitting the context of the respective social platform.

Our areas of digital and social media expertise include:

Social media strategy development

Our approach is specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients’ brands, in order to manage, guide, lead and educate them on integrating their messaging, including social media and the two-way dialogue it demands. We counsel clients on platform selection based on their goals, markets and available tools.

Graphic design
We help our clients design and create visually appealing, content-rich social media profiles and pages.

Reputation management
We develop content, messaging and dialogue that positively positions our clients in digital space.

Community management
We manage or help co-manage our clients’ social media channels, events, community engagement, contests and promotions.

Social conversation monitoring
We can create and monitor online conversations, sentiment and potential messaging opportunities while assessing business reputation with advanced analytics software and know-how.

Social media marketing
We take an integrated approach to social media campaigns. We can help identify target audiences and establish a presence on the social media networks best suited to reach them.

Social media content development and marketing
We produce and co-produce quality content and relevant, sharable social messaging, for the purpose of engaging and persuading current and potential consumer audiences and key stakeholders.

Email marketing campaigns
We assist and counsel on integrating email marketing, design and copy in an overall communications strategy.

Video content
We have invested in in-house video production to help clients make the most of visual tools in digital media.

We dig deep into data to help our clients gain a better understanding of the behavior of their constituents.

AdWords and pay-per-click campaigns
We strategize based on our clients’ goals to help them reach the largest possible audience.

Search engine optimization
We understand the ranking factors that increase website performance in organic search, to counsel clients on how keywords and content work together to gain maximum visibility.

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