Email Marketing is Not Dead; It’s Still Key To Boost Your Brand

Email Marketing Detroit MichiganMany new digital marketers claim that email marketing has been replaced by social media platforms. The truth is, email marketing is a highly cost-effective way to reach your target market.

While some digital agencies like to treat social media as the mysterious, effective cool kid when it comes to marketing (and it is cool!), a well-crafted, beautifully designed eblast is still top dog for actual results.

One simple reason is social media alone isn’t nearly enough. Think about how many event invites you receive from FB alone every week. They rarely stand out and get lost in the shuffle of busy newsfeeds. A well-crafted e-mail blast is much more direct.

Because of that, social media, public relations and email marketing campaign are not mutually exclusive. Use an integrative approach for highest results.

Think of it like this: Traditional public relations announces and expands the message of your event or fundraiser. Social media is the subtle reminder. Email marketing is the direct key to receive results on the call action.

An effective email campaign is short, graphically pleasing with an immediate call to action. Also, with the right software and analytics team, campaigns can be successfully altered as needed to yield the highest results. Restaurants and hotels should collect e-mail addresses from Facebook, from your website and from customer comment forms. Your business should constantly be growing its email database—reaching more and more people.

Knowing when to post, how to create catchy subject lines, how to use analytics, how often to send your eblasts (always send out more than one for your event!) and creating your eblast in conjunction with your PR and social media campaign will improve your success.

Do not let anyone steer you away from this effective marketing tool that will get your message to the right users.

All you need to start is an updated email list. The Marx Layne experts can take care of the rest.

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