In the bustling culinary scene of southeast Michigan, standing out in the public eye during the holiday season and maintaining a strong presence through the slower months of January and February is vital for restaurants and bars. With fierce competition for corporate holiday events and private party attention, it’s crucial to create and launch a professional, strategic communications plan that captivates potential patrons and keeps your restaurant top of mind year-round.

An aggressive media relations, digital media, and influencer marketing campaign can help your restaurant thrive during the holidays – and through early winter 2024 when Michiganders want to hibernate or claim “New Year’s Resolutions” of dry January. Elevating your restaurant’s fabulous food menu, and cocktail and mocktail menus, in the media and social media will remind potential customers of your fabulous dining options.

The Holiday Rush:

The holiday season is prime time for restaurants with corporations and nonprofit organizations seeking venues for special events and diners looking for memorable experiences. However, whether your restaurant is in Detroit – Downtown, Corktown, Midtown, the Eastside, Northwest – or out in metro-Detroit suburbs in Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw, or Macomb counties, it’s all competition vying for the same customers. Southeast Michigan diners are willing to drive for exceptional culinary experiences, and your restaurant needs to be their first choice.

The Power of Impulse:

Weekday and weekend dining decisions can often be impulsive. To succeed, your restaurant must stay top of mind and consistently remain highly visible on social media platforms and in the media. Engaging content, enticing visuals, and real-time updates can sway potential diners to choose your establishment, whether it’s for a spontaneous weekday dinner or a planned weekend celebration or holiday.

Marx Layne’s Strategic Approach:

Partnering with an agency as Marx Layne can be the key to success. A cohesive, strategic communications plan devised by professional communications experts can place your restaurant in the spotlight and capture the attention of your key audiences to ensure that your restaurant is the top choice for any occasion.

The Power of Media Relations to Maintain Year-Round Competitiveness:

Media relations, coupled with influencer marketing, can work synergistically to improve your website’s SEO, drive traffic to your restaurant’s website and increase traffic. Engaging storytelling, reviews, and social media buzz generated by influencers can create a buzz that attracts diners and event bookings not just during the holidays but throughout the entire year.


In the ever-evolving world of dining, restaurants must adopt a proactive and strategic approach to remain competitive. Elevating your restaurant’s brand profile during the holidays and into the slower winter months of 2024 requires a comprehensive communications strategy. By partnering with experts like Marx Layne, your restaurant can capture the attention of print, broadcast and online media; influencers, and event planners – and keep your website high in Google rankings through effective SEO management. This approach not only ensures a vibrant holiday season, but also keeps your establishment thriving year-round. In a culinary scene where the next new restaurant is always around the corner, a well-executed communications plan is the key to sustained success and growth.