Like many industries disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcast news had to change its operational model dramatically. It is likely a game changer for the industry.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Broadcast NewsWith remote reporting and video interviews, the broadcast news in-studio broadcast model has been upset. An untold benefit is that operating this way is inexpensive. Less crew, less cameras, less equipment is needed to broadcast news.

Technology quality has improved in the past decade so well that remote reporting is not only efficient and inexpensive, but looks good. Yes, there may be segments that make sense to do in-house and “morning shows” are expected to have an “at-home” feel that remote cannot duplicate.

With this change comes opportunity. Reporters are looking for experts in their field and no longer do they need to send a news crew on site. With an increase of remote reporting and interviewing, it has never been a better and easier time to position thought leaders to the media. Interviews now can happen with experts regardless of location as long as they have a cell phone or a laptop.

When the dust settles, many businesses with be relieved to go back to operating as they used to. News crews are venturing out more, but the forced change the pandemic brought to broadcast is likely here to stay and will change how we view our news.