Making lemon miso coleslaw with Chow

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Asian street food comes to Ann Arbor at a new restaurant, Chow.

Brothers Thad and Ryan Gilles joined us on The Nine to tell us more about their food. You can hear in them in the video player below, and get their recipe for lemon miso coleslaw.

New Ann Arbor restaurant Chow features Asian street food

Thad and Ryan Gilles joined us from their new restaurant to share a recipe with us.

Lemon Miso Coleslaw
This is one of Chow’s classic recipes.  The dressing is also great with any kind of vegetables and greens. It makes an amazing marinated for chicken or fish.

1 oz of granulated sugar
2 oz of water
8 oz of vegetable oil
2 oz of lemon juice
4 oz of miso, blonde
16 oz of cabbage
4 oz of carrots

1.    In a mixing bowl add the sugar, water, lemon juice and miso.
2.    Use a whisk to combine the above ingredients.
3.    Once combined slowly add the oil till the dressing is emulsified
4.    Thinly slice the cabbage and grated the carrots on a cheese grater.
5.    Add approximately half of the miso dressing to the cabbage and carrots.
6.    Chef advice, go light on the dressing at first.  It is deceptive on how much dressing to use, with coleslaw less is more.  If you do make a mistake and add too much dressing, don’t stress just add some more cabbage.

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