6 08, 2019

Ocean Prime: The prime spot


We have the prime spot for National Oyster Day Some people love’ em, and some people are wary of them. We dove into the mysterious world of oysters on Monday because it is National Oyster Day. Chef Chris Mayer from Ocean Prime in Troy taught us a thing or two about oysters. Did you [...]

Ocean Prime: The prime spot2020-01-17T19:35:43-05:00
8 03, 2016

Chipotle Serves Up Tasteful Consumer Messages in “Food Crisis”


by Michael Layne, President, Marx Layne & Company A complex journey of farming, fishing and raising of livestock; processing and distribution networks; and the human “touch” brings a rich bounty and variety of food to American tables, whether in our homes, a college or hospital cafeteria, or at one of our 1 million restaurants. These restaurants, [...]

Chipotle Serves Up Tasteful Consumer Messages in “Food Crisis”2017-10-12T21:16:44-04:00
17 11, 2015

What Makes a Viral Video?


Every client asks for it, but few can actually achieve it: a viral video. So, what exactly is the secret? At the recent Digital Summit Conference in Detroit, video was a hot topic. The underlying message among all presenters was that videos that demonstrate the human side of a brand, through fun or heartfelt emotion, [...]

What Makes a Viral Video?2017-09-19T12:19:11-04:00
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