17 06, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic and the AV Industry


COVID-19 Pandemic May Delay Arrival Of Autonomous Vehicles, But Future Remains Bright For AV Industry Below is our recent interview with Mike Szudarek, who leads the Automotive Public Relations practice at Marx Layne & Company. Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the future of Autonomous Vehicles? A: One key question as the world works to emerge [...]

COVID-19 Pandemic and the AV Industry2020-06-30T11:30:02-04:00
16 06, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Broadcast News


Like many industries disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcast news had to change its operational model dramatically. It is likely a game changer for the industry. With remote reporting and video interviews, the broadcast news in-studio broadcast model has been upset. An untold benefit is that operating this way is inexpensive. Less crew, less [...]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Broadcast News2020-06-16T15:05:09-04:00
16 06, 2020

Community Giving Remains an Important Part of Our DNA


Since our agency’s inception more than 30 years ago, our Marx Layne team has held the belief that giving back to our community is just as important as providing outstanding communications services to our clients. And during these challenging times, when the need has been so great, we are proud to continue to give [...]

Community Giving Remains an Important Part of Our DNA2020-06-17T12:17:54-04:00
16 06, 2020

Reopening Businesses Requires Creative PR Plans


Reopening Businesses Will Need Creative, Comprehensive Communications Plans As the coronavirus pandemic appears to flatten in Michigan, businesses are exploring creative ways to reopen. But it is far from business as usual, and it may stay that way for the foreseeable future. The threat posed by COVID-19 is still all-too real and companies will [...]

Reopening Businesses Requires Creative PR Plans2020-06-17T15:23:13-04:00
16 06, 2020

Cause Marketing During the Age of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter


Cause marketing – the marketing practice of for-profit companies seeking to increase profits while bettering society through activist messaging and other marketing tactics – has been around since the 1970s. Experts argue over what was the first “cause marketing” campaign. Some say it was 7-Eleven donating proceeds from the sale of specifically-designed “Endangered Species” [...]

Cause Marketing During the Age of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter2020-06-16T15:08:33-04:00
8 06, 2020

The Power of TV


A widespread crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic fuels the need for information. People everywhere hunger for any news that provides a better understanding of the potential impact on their lives. That means the media plays a crucial role during these extraordinary times, especially television, and recent ratings support TV’s news leadership. In April as [...]

The Power of TV2020-06-08T14:59:47-04:00
30 03, 2020

How social media traffic is adapting to COVID-19


In these uncertain times, marketing and communication professionals want to know where social media traffic is surging and where it is lagging. We all know so much has changed in the last two weeks – including how and when we use social networks. New behaviors must be foundational to social media marketing plans during [...]

How social media traffic is adapting to COVID-192020-03-30T15:27:09-04:00
26 03, 2020

COVID-19 and Social Media Delusion


A new Pew Research Center survey found a COVID-19 information gulf between those who mainly receive their news through social media and those who mostly depend on traditional news sources. The survey found disparities in expectations for a vaccine (social media users less likely to be aware of the scientific community’s projection of vaccine readiness [...]

COVID-19 and Social Media Delusion2020-06-08T15:14:01-04:00
24 03, 2020

Social Media in Times of Social Distancing


Mark Zuckerberg recently mentioned that current traffic on social media is outpacing New Year’s Eve night, traditionally the busiest day for all social media platforms. It’s not surprising as “shelter-at-home” policies and mandated shutdowns take place, folks are browsing their computers, phones and tablets more than ever to keep in contact, get information and [...]

Social Media in Times of Social Distancing2020-03-26T16:24:51-04:00
19 03, 2020

Key Elements for Effective Soundbites


Soundbites help you reach the people you want to influence. Al Upchurch, Senior Vice President at Marx Layne & Company, gives five key elements to producing memorable soundbites. An interview is worth nothing without your target messages. Make sure the soundbite conveys one of those messages. Be clear and concise. Complicated answers to questions [...]

Key Elements for Effective Soundbites2020-03-19T15:57:46-04:00