16 06, 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 on Broadcast News


Like many industries disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcast news had to change its operational model dramatically. It is likely a game changer for the industry. With remote reporting and video interviews, the broadcast news in-studio broadcast model has been upset. An untold benefit is that operating this way is inexpensive. Less crew, less [...]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Broadcast News2020-06-16T15:05:09-04:00
19 03, 2020

Key Elements for Effective Soundbites


Soundbites help you reach the people you want to influence. Al Upchurch, Senior Vice President at Marx Layne & Company, gives five key elements to producing memorable soundbites. An interview is worth nothing without your target messages. Make sure the soundbite conveys one of those messages. Be clear and concise. Complicated answers to questions [...]

Key Elements for Effective Soundbites2020-03-19T15:57:46-04:00
25 08, 2019

Media relations and your 2020 marketing plan


Make media relations the centerpiece of your 2020 marketing plan Good marketing should be designed to raise a company’s brand, sales and bottom-line results.  Whether it’s launching new products or developing and executing creative plans, don’t overlook one of the most important marketing disciplines: media relations. Effective media relations does more than just get [...]

Media relations and your 2020 marketing plan2020-02-13T12:32:57-05:00
17 08, 2019

Need better news coverage? Get to know reporters


The news media has come under relentless attack lately, particularly by President Trump. Veteran reporters are accustomed to antagonistic relationships with government leaders and other high profile, influential people. Good reporters dig beneath the surface of a story. They sometimes discover things powerful people don’t want the public to know. Whether the public sees [...]

Need better news coverage? Get to know reporters2020-02-13T12:34:37-05:00
27 06, 2019

Don’t be shy. Use TV interviews to your advantage. 


A television interview can be intimidating but it doesn’t need to be. Television provides a great opportunity to support your brand and present a story or message to an audience that your organization needs to reach. It won’t transform your business but it can be important to your overall PR and marketing strategy. Marx Layne [...]

Don’t be shy. Use TV interviews to your advantage. 2020-02-13T12:34:45-05:00
14 02, 2019

Message Development Is Crucial to Effective Communication


A successful media interview, client presentation, or any communication with a target audience begins and ends with crafting impactful, positive key messages. These are the core elements of your business that you want people to remember. For our media training sessions we always place the greatest emphasis on the development of key messages. Identifying key [...]

Message Development Is Crucial to Effective Communication2020-02-13T12:51:10-05:00
12 06, 2017

Employees Are Your Front-Line Brand Ambassadors


Things go can viral at warp speed in today’s connected world. Mix high-maintenance customers or a frustrated solo parent with children with an employee who has an attitude problem in a confined space, and the result unfortunately, can be distressing for everyone involved. Recent, highly publicized episodes in American Airlines and United Airlines passenger cabins [...]

Employees Are Your Front-Line Brand Ambassadors2020-02-13T12:51:20-05:00
21 09, 2016

Are you ready when the media comes knocking?


By Alan Upchurch, Marx Layne Senior Vice President Today everyone is carrying a smartphone with a sophisticated camera.  Each one of us is a potential “citizen” journalist.  We are connected 24/7 and that means a reporter’s next great news tip could come from his neighbor’s teenage daughter rather than his best news source. The question [...]

Are you ready when the media comes knocking?2020-02-13T12:51:25-05:00
30 10, 2014

“Mums” the word? Key Messages and Your Audience


by Jennifer Cherry I like politicians. From a communications perspective, they are inherently interesting. Their speeches are generally carefully crafted and each message they deliver has been thought out at length and vetted by official and unofficial advisors. But listening to a particular politician running for office over the course of the past few months, [...]

“Mums” the word? Key Messages and Your Audience2020-02-13T12:51:31-05:00
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