Gorman’s Furniture of Grand Rapids shares spring design tips


GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Interior designer Michelle Worsham from Gorman’s shares tips for brightening your home for spring.

Start by cleaning your home, including the appliances, furniture, windows and floors.

It’s all about adding color.

Start with the accessories, which can easily be changed out each season. Remove bulky throws and dark pillows, adding brightly colored replacements and other light accessories, as well as glass or lightly colored vases with bright flowers or house plants. Also, swap out the duvet for a light blanket on the beds.

Store the winter rugs and either leave the space bare or add a light, sisal rug.

Add light colored paintings, in light frames or photographs highlighting spring or summer scenery to the walls.

Spring is the perfect time to repaint a room, the house or even just the trim. If a wall is darker, consider repainting it in a lighter shade or repaint it to an entire new bright color. White is always a good choice as well.

Change out the bold drapes for a set of sheers or linen.

Replace lighting fixtures from the old to new, on-trend options.

Other tips:

  • Keep it simple and declutter
  • Consider moving around your furniture to give the best view of the room’s windows
  • Change candles from holiday spices to ones that are breezy or reminiscent of citrus


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