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Billie Eilish. Photo Credit: Pressroom/Interscope

Nour Rahal | Detroit Free Press | June 4, 2021

Detroit-made Faygo Beverages got a shoutout in Billie Eilish’s most recent music video “Lost Cause.” 

The eight-time-Grammy Award-winning artist can be seen singing and dancing around with a group of friends during a slumber party, enjoying the original orange Faygo drink along with other snacks like chips, cereal and fruit snacks.

Faygo original orange flavor bottle image

Faygo original orange flavor. Photo Credit: Faygo Beverages, Inc.

The company is aware of the beverage’s inclusion in the music video, said Faygo marketing manager Dawn Burch.

“We actually did not know about it beforehand and were surprised to see it so prominently featured,” Burch said. “It’s always exciting for us to see people supporting the brand, and having such a large artist display Faygo is a big deal.”

The music video, released Wednesday, now has more than  20 million views. 

The orange drink can first be seen in the background around the 3-second mark, and then again multiple times throughout the video. However, the Faygo logo is unmistakable as Eilish grabs the beverage and drinks it at around 32 seconds. 

“We’ve had a few artists feature or include Faygo in a variety of ways,” Burch said. “We don’t know yet how Billie Eilish knows about the brand, but would love to find out! Faygo isn’t a big brand on the West Coast, so it’s very cool that she knows about us and decided to include Faygo.”

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