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Autonomous vehicles arriving more quickly than expected

Of all the buzzwords and trends associated with the automotive world today, No. 1 has to be “autonomous”. Once the pipe dream of science-fiction writers, today’s automakers are moving that fiction closer to reality every year — leading us toward a world where people can simply get into our cars, and let them do the work of getting us where we need to go.

That Level 5 self-driving vehicle, with no human involvement, is still a bit down the road for the everyday driver, so hold on to your driver’s license. But in the meantime, most of us are driving vehicles with some level of autonomy, with features like auto-pilot, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking and more, which offer a glimpse of the future.

These are exciting times for auto companies, which are evolving into much more tech-savvy organizations than they have ever been in the past. Now, the race is on to see which companies will be the quickest to propel us to the top levels of autonomy.

In the Midwest, autonomous leader AutonomouStuff has launched testing of autonomous vehicles on a designated route in Peoria, Illinois.

Waymo, Google’s autonomous vehicle unit and one of the industry leaders in the segment, will be opening a factory in Michigan, which could lead to as many as 400 new jobs.

The trucking industry is also bracing for big change. Right now in Sweden, a 26-ton self-driving truck with no cab or driver is being tested on public roads.

In the heart of Metro Detroit, where automotive know-how is in our DNA, Marx Layne offers years of experience that allow us to best position companies in the autonomous supply chain for maximum success.

Marx Layne can serve as a central provider for all your marketing, PR, and branding exercises. We take the complex language about the latest advances in autonomy, and distill it down to the core messages. And we have the long-standing connections to get that messaging out to the public, through both digital and traditional outlets.

Our automotive clients span the globe, so your time zone is no limit to our abilities. Many international clients retain us with the goal of breaking out in the North American market.

To learn more about what Marx Layne can do to increase your brand recognition, media presence and digital position, call us at 248-855-6777.

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